I've tried to create a comfortable
    place to hang out and browse an
    excellent collection of tie-dye art.

    I've resisted putting up any
    advertising--nothing that blinks
    or jumps allowed!

The Gallery Star and Mandala Room contains all our exhibits 8 point stars, 12 point stars, Mandalas, and star-yokes. You'll see some exhibits that are somewhat similar, because I wanted to show the subtle differences--when you look at them carefully you'll see that they are very individual. (46 exhibits)

The Bread and Puppet Room houses a collection of photos from 1996 to 1998. This collection is by no means definitive of what the Bread and Puppet theater is all about, but I do think it gives a feel for it . I personally love this collection. I've expanded it way beyond just tie-dye pictures, and hope to add more next summer.(32 exhibits)

The Music Room of the gallery has pictures from local open-mic nights and other music events. We have such good music here that we jokingly call our little area the "music capital of the world." (14 exhibits)

The People's Room of the gallery has pictures of people wearing tie-dyes at events or whatever. We need more new exhibits for this room so please send us pictures. (22 exhibits)

The Tie-dye Room

We've used this Photo collage(445 kb) as the cover of our catalog for over ten years.(1 exhibit)

The Zapotec Room Some great pictures from trading tie-dyes for weavings in Mexico. (6 exhibits)

The Miscellaneous Room has the exhibits that were too unique to fit anywhere else, but you don't want to miss it, because it has some very good exhibits.(5 exhibits)

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