Dyed in Vermont
Tie-dye Garment Care Guide

We use procion fiber reactive dyes which are very permanent. All of our products may be washed in any temperature water, and may be dried in a drier.
Do not bleach!!

Tie-dyes should be washed with other colored clothing. A small amount of reacted dye will wash out in the first few washings. This is normal and will not effect the brightness of your garment. You can get this reacted dye out more quickly if you wash the garment in very hot water--this also will not effect the brightness of your garment.

If a dyed garment sit on a white garment for a prolonged period of time it may leave a stain. The stain is caused by dye that has already reacted and may be removed by soaking the white garment in very hot water.

Procion dyes are sensitive to ultraviolet light, and will fade if exposed to long periods of sunlight.

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