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The Bazaar Story

About 8 years ago I came home from my mother’s house where we celebrated Christmas, and took a good look at my business.  I realized I had a lot of garments that were not for sale on the site. There … Continue reading

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Pricing of Tie-dyes

I get three questions about pricing tie-dyes.  Why do I charge so much?  Why do I charge different prices for different patterns?  Why do I charge extra for some background colors, and for custom orders? First why do I charge so much?  My … Continue reading

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Personal Update–Health Issues

I turned 69 in March, and I have two health conditions as well, so I want to give everyone as clear a picture as I can.  I have definitely not been able to keep up with business as fast as I need to, but … Continue reading

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Google Update

You might want to read the prvious post, Dumped by Google, first. I’ve been putting a lot of work into trying to get our google ranking up.  I found a site,, that analyses web page ranking.  They said it could be … Continue reading

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Dumped by Google

For almost 10 years Dyed in Vermont Tie-dyes has been number 1 or 2 on a google and yahoo search using the key words tie-dyes or tie dyes.  Recently we were knocked to 3rd, because Dharma Trading has popped up in number … Continue reading

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Another Day in Tie-dye land

I’ve been thinking about this blog, and I can’t just make it a business blog.  Me and my business are so intertwined that I couldn’t do that anyway and I want the freedom to just write. It’s a cloudy chilly … Continue reading

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What happened to our ecconomy

I finally found a logical and truthful explanation about our economy. After WORLD WAR II we were the only ones left with a huge manufacturing base and we thrived, because we could buy raw materials and sell manufactured products back to … Continue reading

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Dress Sizes

Long Sleeve Dress SIZE   CHEST   LENGTH S         35              52                    M        38              53.5 L         41              55 XL       44              56 Link to Dharma’s page with more information Sleeveless Long Play Dress SIZE CHEST LENGTH WAIST HIPS S 35 51 35 40 … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods–Missing the forest because of the trees

I’ve been watching all the stuff about tiger woods today, and I think there is an essential and broader point that is being missed. What happens to people when the go from poor or modest means to very rich. It … Continue reading

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1st Post of the “Rest of My Life”

It’s hard for me to post regularly, but I’m going to try again.  If I have to, I will just make short twitter-like posts. The company name has to stay the same.  There are hundreds of sites that link to Dyed … Continue reading

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