The Bazaar Story

About 8 years ago I came home from my mother’s house where we celebrated Christmas, and took a good look at my business.  I realized I had a lot of garments that were not for sale on the site.

There were garment samples that I bought and dyed, but didn’t want to carry on the site—probably a couple of large boxes of those.

And there were another couple of boxes filled with shirts that didn’t make the cut to sell at the store.  I’ve always been pretty picky about what I’ll send out to a customer, which automatically left shirts that weren’t sent.  They might even be really good shirts, but didn’t fit the categories I was selling.

And then there were all my experiments, and a bunch of stuff on hangers in the closet, and if I ever got there, there were several boxes under my bed.

So I just started taking pictures and ended up taking four hundred that winter.  Then I found a program to batch process the images and figred out the html to display a product.  I set up categories and the Tie-dye Bazaar was born.  Over the next couple of years the Bazaar doubled and tripled in size, and even now after many sales has over 800 pieces.

In 2009 my son, Goerge and I decided to move to Tennessee.  We were looking for a little warmer weather and we had relatives here that we wanted to see.

I knew that we were going near Christmas and would have to sell tie-dyes before we could set up a dye shop, so I photographed all the stock I had available and added it to the Bazaar.  We had over 22 containers of tie-dyes when we moved, and for the first few months the Bazaar was the only part of the site offering sales.  Then I revised the store and set it up again so that we were offering a much bigger variety that often had to be dyed-to-order.

I guess the latest change was adding the Bargain Basement, but I’ll write more about that in my year end wrap up

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