Dumped by Google

For almost 10 years Dyed in Vermont Tie-dyes has been number 1 or 2 on a google and yahoo search using the key words tie-dyes or tie dyes.  Recently we were knocked to 3rd, because Dharma Trading has popped up in number 1 on almost all searches for tie-dye in any spelling.

There were other things that made us less visible in google.  Google started putting paid listings at the top.  Most people don’t click on these, because they know they are there because they paid, not because google thought they were extremely relevant.  We go to the organic listings which google has graded for relevance and closeness to what we are looking for.  We were still number 3 in the organic listings, but the shopping listings also got in the way with another block of links, and we ended up under them which is pretty respectable, but still harder to see.

By the way I just checked Yahoo and we’re number 1, right at the top.  Yahoo must be a better search engine, and I think we should all use it and never go to google–it’s a revolution.! OK, maybe I’m a little upset at google.

So I decided to work on the site and see if I could bump us up to number 2.  I added some text.  I took off the flash slide show, because google can’t read flash.  I added some notes on navigation which I thought would be good for both visitors and google.  I signed up for and started using google analytics, and put the code on my site.  Google analytics gives you an analysis of web site traffic.

So I went to check.  I searched under the word tie-dyes and I’d dropped completely off page 1.  I did find us that day at the bottom of page 3 although we were later dropped from there too.  I never went to page 4; I might’ve cried–it’s the wilderness, noone goes there.

I have no idea what I did wrong.  Did I use the word tie-dyes once to often and google decided I was a spammer?  Did I dilute my use of tie-dyes as a key word with to many other words?  Should I take all my changes back–but I’d probably stay the same and still wouldn’t know what happened.  I am going to investigate more, and if I can find out what happened, I’ll be sure to write a post about it.

The last insult was when I read that I should be posting “keyword rich posts.”  Maybe if I threw in a “tie-dyes” once in a while we’d rank better. So if you comment be sure to include the word tie-dyes :-{) .

A word to Comment Spammers–We know you like to post comments on posts so you’ll have a link back to your site, but if you are reading this, which I doubt, you will have to post a meaningful comment or you go to the spam box which I understand is getting a little unsavory–only spoiled spam could be worse than spam.

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5 Responses to Dumped by Google

  1. Gail rogers says:

    What a bummer brother hope you tie-dye issue works out with google. I’ll check out safari

  2. Steve Cox says:

    Richard, I fully understand your tie-dyed Google lament, as a business owner myself and Google adwords user, it is a veritable tie dye jungle out there. Best of luck getting back to being the Google listing tiedye @1, as you are truly the #1 Tie dye guy in my book.

  3. Linda Blaney says:

    You are the site I would go to for all my tie-dye, google has gone down in my search engines to maybe my number 3, they claim to do no harm, but they are making their search engine look like it is searching for money for them. Keep up the good work and lots of people are going to another page with google as the first page is not as relevant as it used to be.

  4. Nancy J. Presley says:

    Richard, I tell everyone that you are the premier tie-dye artist in the country, and I think I’m in a position to know. I also refer them to your books on tie-dye, as the first one is awesome and invaluable for anyone wanting to learn to tie-dye stars. I am looking forward to your tie-dye mandala book in particular, and will buy them all.

  5. admin says:

    Nancy, I never replied to this comment, but I have thought about it a lot. The problem is that google can’t distinguish the quality of tie-dyes; they can only go by the words around them, and the links to their pages and images.

    I think where I went wrong was in using server side includes (SSI) to put, for example, T-shirt specifications on all the T-shirt pages. Google sees that as boiler plate which they don’t like. I’m going to change it so that there is one page with T-shirt information with links to it on the T-shirt product pages. After I do that it will be interesting to see what google does–they spider my site every few days.

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