Another Day in Tie-dye land

I’ve been thinking about this blog, and I can’t just make it a business blog.  Me and my business are so intertwined that I couldn’t do that anyway and I want the freedom to just write.

It’s a cloudy chilly day in Murfreesboro, TN.  I’m pretty much dedicating the day to working on the site.  My son George is going to take me shopping this afternoon.  I don’t have a car at this point which I’m actually enjoying.  The ‘Boro actually has a nice bus system.   They’re small buses and they’ll stop for you or let you off anywhere along the route.  Being a senior citizen I can go wherever I need for 50 cents.

This evening, when I get the best TV, I’m going to finish tying for my dye-day tomorrow.  I’m working on a Christmas colored spiral pattern.  Red and green are not a great color combination although it is better than orange and green.  I think I’m going to keep the red fucia, and the green somewhat to the blue side so they won’t clash too much.  They will also be separated by white in the pattern I developed for the red, white and blue shirts. I hope to have pictures up on the site soon so you can see the results.

I’m also working on a “Star of David” pattern.  I actually had to use the Pythagorean therom to calculate the dimensions.  I found I can’t just do a six point star, because it doesn’t look anything like a Star of David so I’m drawing the shape and accordion folding around it.  We’ll see what happens!

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