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All tapestries are now made from Mercerized Cotton. Mercerization changes the ribbon shaped cotton fiber to a round shape. This increases the strength of the cotton and increases the fibers ability to take up the dye. Mercerized cotton dyes beautifully. We owe it all to Mr. Mercer, the inventor


Finished TapestriesThe finished tapestries are folded and sewn with a 3/4 inch space so that a dowel can be used to hang them. I put in extra work to make sure that the corners are as square as possible. This is probably the best choice to send as a gift if you don't know how it will be displayed.

Unfinished TapestriesI prefer making a frame to stretch the tapestry over, and then hang the whole frame on the wall. If your going this route there's no point paying the extra money to have the finished edges. I add an extra 1 1/2 inches on each end for you to work with. This is also what you would use in the center of a quilt, for example. If you're buying one for a sewing project be aware that stars and mandalas have solid backgrounds, but all other patterns continue to the edges.

Go here for more detailed Framing Instructions.

Rainbow Spiral
Tie-dye Tapestry

Raspberry Spiral
Tie-dye Tapestry

Rainbow Peace-Sign
Tie-dye Tapestry

Rainbow Heart
Tie-dye Tapestry

Rainbow Guitar
Tie-dye Tapestry


Raspberry-Turquoise Star-on-White
Tie-dye Tapestry

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